Safety and privacy protection


At certain parts of the webpage, the company Uje d.o.o. collects certain personal data of its Users. Personal data is that information which relates to a person: name, surname, age, address, e-mail address and similar information. The company collects the personal data of Users only with the permission of the Users: during registration at the webpage or via various forms on the webpage. Information is always collected and processes in accordance with the acts of the Republic of Croatia: Personal Data Protection Act, Electronic Commerce Act and other regulations related to the collection and protection of personal information.

The company Uje d.o.o. se undertakes to protect the personal data of customers by collecting only the most basic and necessary information that we require to meet our obligations, and we always inform our customers on the manner in which the gathered data is used, including providing them with the option of deciding whether they want their name removed from the list used for marketing campaigns. All user data is kept strictly confidential and is available only to those employees who require this information to perform their work tasks. All employees of Uje d.o.o. are obliged to adhere to the principle of privacy protection.

The company Uje d.o.o. safeguards the personal data of its Users, which means that it shall not misuse the personal data of Users in any manner. The personal data of Users shall not be disclosed to unauthorised third parties, Users will not be sent e-mails that are contrary to the Terms and Conditions of Use, and Users may at any moment unsubscribe from receiving any e-mails from the company Uje d.o.o.


The company Uje d.o.o. shall store the collected personal data until permission for the storage of personal data is revoked by the User. The User may withdraw their consent for the further collection, processing and use of personal data at any moment, and revocation of storage of personal data may be requested in writing by sending a letter by post to the address of the company, or via e-mail at




For the authorisation and charging of credit and debit cards, the company Uje d.o.o. uses the system T-Com Pay Way, which protects the confidentiality and security of your information. The T-Com Pay Way system applies the most state-of-the-art standards in data protection – a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol with 128-bit data encryption and a MD5 algorithm. The ISO 8583 protocol ensures that the data exchange between the T-Com system and the authorisation centres of card companies is performed on a private network protected with a double firewall.


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Likewise, the system completely prevents parties that have not been authorised within the purchase process from accessing the data. This means that employees of the company Uje d.o.o. are not provided access to the number of your credit or debit card at any moment, but can only see the number of the authorised transaction. In accordance with this, the company Uje d.o.o. does not store the numbers of the credit cards of its Users, and these numbers are not available to unauthorised persons.